National Social Security Fund, The Social Security Organization (SSO) of Lao PDR is a juridical entity guided by the Minister of Labor Social Welfare. SSO provides social security rights to enterprises workers in Lao PDR.Get price

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National Social Security Fund, The Social Security Organization (SSO) of Lao PDR is a juridical entity guided by the Minister of Labor Social Welfare. SSO provides social security rights to enterprises workers in Lao PDR.Get price

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National Social Security Fund, The Social Security Organization (SSO) of Lao PDR is a juridical entity guided by the Minister of Labor Social Welfare. SSO provides social security rights to enterprises workers in Lao PDR.Get price

Social Security Programs Throughout the World: Asia and the

First laws: 1999 (employees in enterprises), implemented in 2001; and 2008 (public-sector employees). Current law: 2013 (social security), implemented in 2014. Type of program: Social insurance system. Note: A funeral grant is paid under Sickness and Maternity. Insured person: 2.5% of gross monthlyGet price

Emergency in Laos: staying safe with clean water and

Sep 19, 2018 · During such emergencies, access to clean water and sanitation facilities becomes extremely important to ensure people stay healthy and clear of potentially life-threatening diseases. UNICEF Laos/2018/Simon Khao Yai, 12, uses a UNICEF- and USAID-supported tap in Ban Bok camp, Attapeu, Lao PDR.Get price

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Specialising in recycling and recovery of end of life heavy electrical equipment and hazardous waste disposal - Celtic Recycling is the UKleading specialist. Our main services include: live site dismantling; PCB disposal and decontamination; gaz sf6Get price

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Sulfur hexafluoride or sulphur hexafluoride, is an extremely potent and persistent greenhouse gas that is primarily utilized as an electrical insulator and arc suppressant. It is inorganic, colorless, odorless, non-flammable, and non-toxic. SF 6 has an octahedral geometry, consisting of six fluorine atoms attached to a central sulfur atom. It is a hypervalent molecule. Typical for a nonpolar gas, SF 6 is poorly soluble in water but quite soluble in nonpolar organic solvents. It has a density ofGet price

Update in Labor and Social Security Legislation in Lao PDR

Until end December 2016, the maximum base salary on which the contribution has been calculated, amounted to LAK 2,000,000 (approx. USD 245) per month and per employee. As of 1 January 2017, this amount has been raised to LAK 4,500,000 (approx. USD 550) per month and. Sciaroni Associates LaosGet price

Who is Laos’ first special economic zone benefitting? - China

Oct 25, 2019 · A Lao public interest lawyer who wished to remain anonymous said: “There are big loopholes in laws related to SEZ development in Laos, especially in their implementation… Laws to protect citizens’ rights are very weak, both in principle and enforcement. It is the villagers who are the victims of investments like SEZs.Get price

Laos Services, Information about Services in Laos

Dec 13, 2011 · Services represented 27 percent of the Lao economy in 1999 and employed roughly 10 percent of the work-force. The largest component (37.2 percent) of the service sector is wholesale and retail trade. Perhaps the largest entities in this arena are Honda and Shell.Get price

SDG 18 Lives Safe from UXO | Open Development Laos

Sustainable Development Goal 18 (SDG 18) – ‘Lives safe from Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)’ aims to remove the UXO obstacle to human development in Lao PDR (Laos). 1 SDG 18 was uniquely developed by Laos to address the more than 80 million cluster submunitions that remain unexploded throughout the country from the Second Indochina War. 2 Cambodia also adopted an 18th SDG to address its ownGet price

Small Medium Enterprises Development Policies in Laos

Based on the latest study on SMEs in the Lao PDR in 2009, collecting data from tax register which is reliable and up-to-date, the Tax records indicate that there 3 Source: Policy and progress in small and medium enterprises in Laos, Laos-Japan Human Resource Development Institute, National University of Laos, June 2010Get price

Legislative AnalystOffice

Apr 26, 2021 · The Legislative AnalystOffice (LAO) has provided fiscal and policy advice to the Legislature for 75 years. It is known for its fiscal and programmatic expertise and nonpartisan analyses of the state budget.Get price

Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Manual in Lao PDR

Lao PDR. It is a commonly agreed document to be referred to by agencies working on CBDRR in Lao PDR. It provides guidance and support for systematic implementation of CBDRR programs by explaining each of the steps as well as tools used. The manual will also support the Government of Lao PDR (GoL) to monitorGet price

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End of Support (EOS). Last Day Order (LDO) is advanced notification that we intend to start the end of life process. LDO is informational only and products in this phase are active and continue to sell support contracts. Active Retirement Mode (ARM) is an announcement that we are no longer actively manufacturing or selling the product.Get price

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SPS Balance Sheet for Lao PDR - standardsfacility.org

weakness of national veterinary services and the cost of instituting such campaigns. The animal disease status of Lao PDR severely limits its opportunities for formal livestock and meat trade. In practice, what trade that does take place is mostly on an informal basis through porous border regions. 7.Get price

LSX - Lao Securities eXchange

National Assembly session 6th has adopted the 5 years plan on developing the national social-economic from the year 2006 to 2010, to establish Lao Securities Exchange (LSX) in Lao PDR at the end of 2010 is a part of the 5 years plan, the government authorized Bank of the Lao PDR to implement such plan by appointing the General Leading Committee regarding to LAX’s establishment, consisting ofGet price

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6 till the End of Life of the equipment. It defines the principle of Chain Management, ensuring that the total chain of use of SF 6 is covered, from production of SF 6, via application in switchgear, the operation in the electrical network, its use and maintenance, to the End of Life of the switchgear and the return/destruction of the SF 6.Get price

Social Security Programs Throughout the World: Asia and the

First law: 1999 (employees in enterprises), implemented in 2001. Current law: 2013 (social security), implemented in 2014. Type of program: Social insurance system. Insured person: 2.5% of gross monthly insurable earnings (6% for civil servants, and police and military personnel). The minimumGet price

Financial Inclusion in Laos and the Evolution of Village Bank

Access to financial services in Lao PDR could be described as patchy, with considerable disparities between urban and rural areas as only few commercial banks or microfinance institutions (MFI) operate outside of urban centers. 25% of the population remains completely outside of the financial system. This is particularly pronounced in rural areas.Get price

Is Lao Airlines Safe? A Frequent FlyerHonest Review

Lao Airlines Safety — Basic FactsMy Personal Experience with Lao AirlinesLao Airlines AlternativesDon’T Forget Travel InsuranceThere’s no denying that air safety has a checkered past in Laos, stretching back to the founding of the nation in its current incarnation in 1975 following the Communist revolution. From 1979 to 2003, domestic routes in Laos were dominated by Lao Avionics. There’s much debate as to whether this was a precursor to the current flag carrier of Laos—Lao Airlines—or a completely separate entity. Regardless, there’s no disputing the abysmal safety record of Lao Avionics for that quarter of a century. In 2003, Lao Airlines emerged, and in the decade and a half since, has had a superb safety record, save for the high-profile 2013 crash of Flight 301 at Pakse (the cause of the accident was deemed to be a botched second landing attempt in extreme weather related to a typhoon). Whereas the Lao Avionics fleet was dominated by unreliable old Soviet and Chinese aircraft, today’s Lao Airlines fleet is primarily comprised of modern and very reliable workhorses: Several ATR-72-500/600aircraft and a...Get price

Laos Social Security Rate For Employees | 2009-2020 Data

The Social Security Rate For Employees in Laos stands at 5.50 percent. Social Security Rate For Employees in Laos averaged 5.14 percent from 2009 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 5.50 percent in 2016 and a record low of 4.50 percent in 2015. This page provides - Laos Social Security Rate For Employees- actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news.Get price

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Lao Survey and Engineering (LSE) is the only one consulting firm in Laos providing a combined expertise in the aread of Engineering – Insurance – Law – Banking consulting. LSE was established in 2013 comprised of professionals and experts from engineering fields working together with insurance experts, lawyers, bankers.Get price

List of SMEs in Laos Participating in Sustainable Freight

Apr 09, 2018 · 23 Lao Freight Forwarder Vientiane, Sisatanack, Beungkhayong Tai 24 Lao Inter Forwarding Co., Ltd Vientiane, Sisattanack, Simeuang, 222124 25 Lao Logistics State Enterprise Ban Watnak, Sisattanack, Vientiane Capital 26 Lao state fuel Co., Ltd. KM7, Kaisonephomvihane Avenue, Vientiane CapitalGet price

Enrollment of Firms in Social Security in Lao P.D.R.

Enrollment of Firms in Social Security in Lao P.D.R.: Perspectives from the Private Sector . Background . Increasing participation in health insurance and risk-protection schemes is a key priority for the Government of Lao PDR. The four main risk-protection schemes operating nationally include: 1) mandatory health insurance for civilGet price

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• Development of gaz sf6 HV Switchgear End of Life Management system, including extraction and recycling of gaz sf6 gas and globalisation of process throughout Schneider ElectricGet price

Thais join Laos Rescue Operation - human life

Laos dam collapse: 3,000 in need of rescue as death toll rises to 26 Read more Authorities in Stung Treng province scrambled to carry out an emergency evacuation of 1,200 families after five billion cubic metres of water gushed into the rivers and surrounding landscape when the Xe-Namnoy hydropower dam in south-eastern Laos, on the border withGet price

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Chapter 7 SME Development in Lao PDR

enhancing economic development in Laos. However, SMEs in Laos are small and lack competitiveness. The inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade liberalization in Laos bring opportunities and challenges for SMEs in Laos. Moreover, issues of SMEs and assessment of SMEs promotion policy are not well understood for lack of studies.Get price